What are these entities slowly changing the face of the world? An introduction to start-ups

What are these entities slowly changing the face of the world? An introduction to start-ups

All of the most recognized brands of today were once nothing more than another start-up. The unique thing about the start-up scene is that it will always reflect the needs of today but also be a glimpse into the future. The fact is that it is start-up initiatives that are the pioneers for change in our society, and that is exactly why working with one is always a fascinating opportunity. 

But what is a start-up really? The dictionary states that it is a “A business or undertaking that has recently begun operation.” However, several successful start-up founders will tell you that, it is more than just a label for a new business, rather, it is a state of mind in itself. There are three main elements to any start-up that make them so unique; problem solving, potential for growth and unpredictability. 

Start-ups are nothing more than potential solutions to problems that the founder perceives, no matter how large or small the problem may be. For example, RecycleBank in the United States rewards individuals who recycle in order to ensure people are committed to recycling, or Import.io which helps it’s clients scrape and organize crucial data from several web pages efficiently. 

Another key aspect of start-ups is their ability to grow quickly.They are designed to optimize scaling and expansion. Although we mustn’t make the mistake of equating tech to start-ups, it is imperative that start-ups embrace technology as it is a powerful tool to reach people, be innovative and efficient, all of which are important goals for start-up companies. When it comes to the numbers, average start-ups grow at close to 100% or more during their first three years (Girardi, 2019). That is an incredible pace of growth and shows just how quickly things move in the start-up world.

Unpredictability is a double-edged sword, and it’s the kind of people that find the joy in working in an unpredictable environment that are often the most successful when it comes to start-ups. At the end of the day when someone chooses to join a start-up they are forfeiting stability for the promise of making an impact and the excitement of rapid growth and success. Putting the above three elements together, gives one a sense of exactly how action packed, thrilling and rewarding it can be to be involved with a start-up, which is exactly why we see so many young people turning to it as a genuine career option in the modern day. 

When thinking about internships, as students often do in their penultimate year, it is very important to consider start-ups as an interesting avenue. Although they may not be the most recognized names, they arguably offer a more enriching and intense learning opportunity than any internship at a multinational firm may do. 

Firstly start-ups often give real world responsibilities to their interns, the experience from which one can then apply in their own projects or endeavours in the future. Additionally, you will also get to interact with high level employees in the company, these networking opportunities may prove critical at any stage of life in the future. Who knows, perhaps this startup is the brainchild of the next business tycoon. Most importantly one’s exposure to the startup scene will allow them to explore their interest in starting their own business or find a solution to a problem that they think needs solving. The holistic growth that one can experience while working with a start up is unparalleled and will surely be worth the time and effort put into the internship. 

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