Polishing your public speaking skills to enable you to shine!

Communication is an incredibly important skill. From being able to hold a conversation to having the ability to persuade people, every walk of life requires you to speak fluently and competently.

For something so important it isn’t featured in any curriculum. So it could only be pursued by people who had the time and resource to access it, a limited strata.

Therefore our role is also to help those people who want to excel at this skill but don’t have the resources to do so. We aim to give them a voice for whatever they wish to pursue in the future. At MMK Public Speaking we want to empower the leaders of tomorrow by equipping them with the tool of oratory.

To achieve this we run online courses on communication and rhetoric. We also work with companies, charities and organisations to upskill their staff too. We have helped children from disadvantaged backgrounds improve their communication and oratory skills.

We realised the importance of public speaking, and now I would like to help others improve theirs too!

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Founded on 23/03/2020.

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