Internet of Things and Data Driven Future

Internet of Things and Data Driven Future

🚀 Collection and Analysis of Data is one of the five most important skills requested by employers according to the Institution of Student Employer 🚀

Antoine Zenie, Head of Innovation at will be our special guest this week. He will shed some light on his work experience to explain to you the advantages of data and how it could bring consistency in any projects.

He will explain the different steps, goals and the process of collecting and analysing real world data:

👉🏼Firstly, his current experience at
aims to ‘Upgrade the Real World’ by building a range of products that improve venue experiences. Each subsidiary organisation uses the data collected for a different purpose: ChargedUp enables everyone to stay connected, CleanedUp keeps you safe and now ServedUp is set to revolutionise the order to table process.

👉🏼Finally, Antoine will also give you an insight into his previous work on his startup Ultra IoT:
His job was to improve facilities in Cities and Businesses thank by leveraging real world data. Indeed, by using smart sensors Ultra IoT can advise businesses as to how best plan and layout their operations and improve their business.

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