Relaxgo is a fast growing start-up founded in 2018 by Warwick, LSE and Hong Kong University alums. Relaxgo has a clear mission: to provide simple and affordable access to wellness so people can live a happier life. In practice, this means on-demand massages in the comfort of your own home! We connect customers with qualified…
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Digital Disruption: Where are we heading?

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken over everything we thought we knew up until now. It has massively disrupted political, economic and social landscapes, and the financial sector has been no exception. Start-ups and forward thinking organizations are preparing for a post-COVID-19 world. However, foreseeing what this world will look like is not as straightforward as…
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What makes a start-up successful?

The prospect of building your own start-up is an understandably attractive one — you get to follow your passion, choose your team and achieve the independence of being your own boss. Yet, while entrepreneurs regularly come up with great business ideas, there is a long and perilous road from developing an idea to turning it…
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Climate Tech, the cure for a healthier planet?

As the eyes of the whole world are turned towards the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem of climate change remains. The deadly wildfires that have ravaged the US West Coast, as well as the unusually high temperatures – more than 3°C above-average recorded in Siberia between May and October this year – are…
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Startup culture: why embrace it?

Wanting to start a career working in start-ups or even founding one? Warwick Kickstart is here to tell you why that’s a great idea and warn you about some of the few downsides of this professional lifestyle. Bear in mind, this is a collection of a few people’s opinions, and you are the one that…
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This is what to read if you don’t know anything about Venture Capital

Traditionally, venture-capitalists have been viewed as the sidekicks to the superheros who are the entrepreneurs and innovators. However, labeling venture-capitalists as side-kicks would be an injustice to their role in innovation, especially in today’s day and age. Venture-capitalists not only play an important role in jump-starting new projects, but also play an important role in…
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What are these entities slowly changing the face of the world? An introduction to start-ups

All of the most recognized brands of today were once nothing more than another start-up. The unique thing about the start-up scene is that it will always reflect the needs of today but also be a glimpse into the future. The fact is that it is start-up initiatives that are the pioneers for change in…
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What is social enterprise?

Many would argue that now more than ever, the world needs a nudge in the right direction, whether that be socially or environmentally. The unfortunate situation is that it often seems as though decisions that are profitable for shareholders of a business are damaging to society as a whole. Social enterprises have the role of…
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What is FemTech and why should we care?

Discover FemTech and all the amazing advances it is bringing both in business and to society!

Paper is the new Plastic

Our world is ever changing for both good and bad. Unfortunately, our environment has been collateral damage for a long time to our evolving world. Now, things like global warming and climate change are at the forefront of some of the many things threatening our world today. However, with this has come a new generation…
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