Author: Marie Bellens

This is what to read if you don’t know anything about Venture Capital

Traditionally, venture-capitalists have been viewed as the sidekicks to the superheros who are the entrepreneurs and innovators. However, labeling venture-capitalists as side-kicks would be an injustice to their role in innovation, especially in today‚Äôs day and age. Venture-capitalists not only play an important role in jump-starting new projects, but also play an important role in…
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What are these entities slowly changing the face of the world? An introduction to start-ups

All of the most recognized brands of today were once nothing more than another start-up. The unique thing about the start-up scene is that it will always reflect the needs of today but also be a glimpse into the future. The fact is that it is start-up initiatives that are the pioneers for change in…
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What is social enterprise?

Many would argue that now more than ever, the world needs a nudge in the right direction, whether that be socially or environmentally. The unfortunate situation is that it often seems as though decisions that are profitable for shareholders of a business are damaging to society as a whole. Social enterprises have the role of…
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