Author: Lucia Sevillano

Digital Disruption: Where are we heading?

The COVID-19 outbreak has taken over everything we thought we knew up until now. It has massively disrupted political, economic and social landscapes, and the financial sector has been no exception. Start-ups and forward thinking organizations are preparing for a post-COVID-19 world. However, foreseeing what this world will look like is not as straightforward as…
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What makes a start-up successful?

The prospect of building your own start-up is an understandably attractive one — you get to follow your passion, choose your team and achieve the independence of being your own boss. Yet, while entrepreneurs regularly come up with great business ideas, there is a long and perilous road from developing an idea to turning it…
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Paper is the new Plastic

Our world is ever changing for both good and bad. Unfortunately, our environment has been collateral damage for a long time to our evolving world. Now, things like global warming and climate change are at the forefront of some of the many things threatening our world today. However, with this has come a new generation…
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Is Israel the new playground for startup companies?

The State of Israel has become one of the disruptive industry’s greatest phenomenons. It has built an empire of startup companies, with a focus in the technology sector, and has well earned the title of “Startup Nation”. One may ask, though, how is it that Israel has built this hub of such innovation and progression?