Accelerator Discussion: What is Edtech?

Accelerator Discussion: What is Edtech?

We are proud to present…. Janos Barberis 🤯

Named 32nd Most Powerful Dealmaker globally – Institutional Investors, 2018 💸

13th legal scholar in the world – SSRN, 2018 🤓

The 49 start-ups across Janos’ accelerator cohorts have raised over US$500 million and are regularly listed as leading FinTech companies, globally. He trained over 100,000 people in the last 4 years through online courses (x2), books (x3) and academic papers (5) in order to raise market awareness on FinTech & Regtech.

These are some serious credentials, oh and btw he’s doing an event with us on Thursday – 19th of November
Where he’ll talk about his life, what made him successful and the financial stability implications of BigTech firms.


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